Sunday, October 12, 2014

Europe Trip Completed

Hi everyone, 

How's everyone's weekend so far?

I just got back yesterday night. It's feels great to be back home and eat all the amazing home cooked meals from my mom. After being gone from the country for 28 days, I went to 2 continents , 6 countries, and 10 major cities. It sounds crazy but I did it with 3 others. 

I'm also sorry with the lack of blogs. I did try to post as much as I could but the internet connection abroad isn't always the best. I might have been a little lazy but I like to blame the wireless internet. hehe. Don't judge :) <3. 

Enough typing and there are some pictures from my trip. I'll upload more later this week. I promise :)

This Egg Tarts are from Lisbon, Portugal. Pasteis de Belem is the name of the bakery. 
I know this is easy to say but it is the BEST egg tart I have in my life. 
It sounds weird but it's so true. The line was really long but it's worth it. 

Rome, Italy. This is the Colosseum. I was able to get in for free. (Note for anyone going to Rome: the first Sunday of every month, you get free entry into the Colosseum and the Palatine). This place is one the places that one should visit. Interesting fact, did you know that gladiators were prisoners? 

Venice, Italy. Beautiful place, I must say so. Locals mainly travel on foot and on boats. 

A kissing picture with my boo boo at the Louvre in Paris, France. One of my favorite cities that I visited. If I could, I would live here. 

Barcelona, Spain. This is the Sagrada Familia.  My favorite chapel out of all that I visited in Europe. The architecture was incredible and amazing. It makes you wonder how did Gaudicome up with this structure. It's so beautiful inside and outside. I recommend ordering tickets in advance online because the line to purchase there is super long and you have to wait two hours to get in.

In Paris, McDonalds' has a McCafe. They sell pastries and macaroons. So Cute. But I'm not sure if it tastes good.

Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It more beautiful at night with all the nights lit up. 
Interesting fact: people live in boat houses. Yes, houses! They're so super nice. Too bad I didn't get a picture of one. 

That's all I am posting for now. I promise, again, to post more during the week. 

Remember always be yourself


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