Monday, October 13, 2014

Europe Trip Pictures Continues: Paris and more

Hey loves!

What's up? How is your Monday so far? I'm stuck at home at the moment. Currently, I don't have a job since the summer has ended. And if I did have a full time job, I would not have gotten the chance to travel for 4.5 weeks.

I'm also getting all my wisdom teeth pull tomorrow. With all these emotions in me, I'm really scared and petrified with the outcome. Wish me luck.

As I have promised, I have more pictures for you loves. Actually, 800 something pictures, but I'm sure that you'll get tired of them. You'll scroll all the way down and be like "cool, whatever" haha. That's why I'm posting some at a time. Hehe

Ready for them?

Of course. Self explanatory. The Eiffel Tower. I was trying to be artsy with this picture. Like it? 
Going to the top of the tower was a scary experience for me. 
Heights are not my thingy thing. I felt the tower was moving back and forth. But I must say
it was a breath taking view up there. AMAZING!

Can you guess where? This is much harder. Of course, Barcelona, Spain. You got it. 
The view was so beautiful. I literally did not want to leave this spot.
My friends and I walked to the top of the hill. And luckily, it was not raining that day. 
Two days later, it was POURING cats and dogs. I was soaked. 

Churros are known in Spain. Instead of a sugar coating, they use hot chocolate. 
Tastes great. 

Pastries!!! I came across a cute little pastry shop in Paris. I only got macaroons. So delicious.
Why don't we have pastries this colorful? Makes me want to nom nom nom!!

I don't know what I was doing but I almost nailed it? eh. 

You might wonder what I have a bridge. I just found it so beautiful to look at . 
Yes, I am weird. This is in Porto, Portugal. Cars don't travel on the top of the bridge but they do on the down. 
People walk on the top and public transportation is being used. 

Another master piece from the architect Gaudi. If you look closely, 
his designs are very unique and beautiful in every way. 

That's all for today. I will promise to post more later again. Like I said, I do have 800 something 
pictures on my computer. Enjoy. 

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Remember, always be you. 

Love you all!


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