Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving lunch

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving yesterday. If you're not from the US, I still hope you had a great day.

I just wanted to share what I had for thanksgiving. This years, my parents went on vacation early but my siblings were here with me. Instead of turkey, we decided to have something different and fancy. FILET MIGNON (steak), no carbs (well. maybe some croutons), and mainly organic produces.

I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my two siblings and two great friends. 

Always need a salad for an appetizer. So simple, yet very delicious. My brother made a home-made raspberry vignette dressing.   

My brother made some type of maple egg yoke appetizer inspired by his Iron Chef friend. The one of the right is cauliflower rice (which I made). So good, so easy to make, and definitely really healthy. It sort of looks like mashed potatoes. 

Baked wrapped bacon with scallop. YUMMEERZZ

And finally, the filet mignon! Medium rare. It was so moist and easy to eat. Definitely not cheap, but worth eating with wonderful company.

Just looking at these pictures make me REALLY hungry.

After a very nice meal, we all went out shopping for the CRAZY Black Friday sales. I'll haul about it later.

That's all for now!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Drug Store Deals

Hey Loves!

How was your weekend?

I just wanted to point out the TOP COSMETIC DEALS of the week from your local Drug stores.

Rite Aid:

  • 40% off everything from Maybelline. If you're looking for a neutral palette to waterproof mascara, this is a GREAT time to try new things. Or if you want to stock up, now is the perfect chance. Make sure to check out what I got from Maybelline last time when there was a sale,  link here
    • Also, if you want to try the Maybelline's New York Dream Wonder Foundation, here is a coupon for $4 off (you need to scroll down to find it).  
  • Spend $15 get $10 back in up rewards from Physicians Formula
  • Buy one get one 50% off plus get $2 in up rewards when you spend $10 from Covergirl's lip or face products. My favorite waterproof mascara is from this company.
Up rewards are used like coupons. They can be used only at Rite Aid. Make sure you use the up rewards before they expire. 

Deal starts today and ends on Saturday (11/29). 


  • Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip Products are on sale (link here for CVS) for $6.99, in addition you'll get $4 extracare buck, essentially making it $2.99. It's a great deal. However, it is only limited to one per a CVS card. 
Extracare bucks are like up rewards, but you can only use them at CVS. 

Deal starts today (11/23) and ends on 11/26.

That's all for now. Happy Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate it. :)


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Nudes by Maybelline Review

The Nudes by Maybelline's palette has been out for a few months but I didn't get my hands on it until there was a 40% off sale at Rite Aid a few weeks ago (link here for my haul with the Nudes palette) where I got this palette for $6.59. The original price is $10.99 at Rite Aid. Keep in mind that every drug store might have a different price. I'm going to tell you my 100% honest opinion.

In this Nudes' Palette, there are 3 metallic, 5 mattes, and 4 slimmers eye shadows. As you can tell, there are a lot of neutral colors here. The amount of looks you can create are endless (although on the maybelline's site, claims that this palette can create 13 looks in palette).   

The eye shadows do not have a name. However, they are all numbers. 

Eye shadows

First off, I believe this is a great palette for those who are starting out with makeup. However, if you are going to compare the quality and pigmentation to Urban Decay's Naked Palettes, your hopes will not be so satisfied. 

                                                 Without an eye shadow primer

Using Urban Decay's Primer Potion. 

With the primer, there is VERY little difference with the pigmentation, but I do recommend using a primer so eye shadows can last longer and it's more beneficial for those who have oily eye lids. 

My favorite shadows are #4 (first row fourth shadows) and #10 (second row fourth shadow) because, even without a primer, their colors really show through. Using my fingers to swatch the shadows, these are just so smooth and softest.  

My less favorite shadows are #9 (second row third color) and #12 (the every last color in row 2). I'm comparing the gold eye shadow to UD's half baked , which is my favorite color. #9 is disappointing because it doesn't have the most opaque quality that I am looking for. And #12 is just not dark for a black shadow. It's disappointing. 

The eye shadows are definitely easy to use. Some of them are smoother than others. And some of them aren't opaque enough. 

For my skin tone, the lighter colors are a little difficult to show up on my skin unless I use a white base. 


As for the packaging, the 12 eye shadows are in a small plastic case and it has one cheap plastic applicator (which I will throw away). It makes sense why drug store brands use plastic cases because of the price they are selling it at. One thing I really like is that it is travel friendly because it doesn't take up much space. 

Final thoughts

I give this palette a 3/5 because of the price ($6.59 when on sale), the amount of eye shadows you get, and how compact it is.

That's all for now. Let me know what you think.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Haul #3

Happy Sunday everyone!! I have another haul for you guys. As for a disclaimer, I'm not here to brag and show off what I got. I'm here to help you find and score great deals. 

First off the Fresh's Skin Care Idol: I got this at Sephora during the VIB sale. Unfortunately, while searching the link, I discovered Sephora no longer carries this gift set. I found it really strange. I just received this set in the mail 3 days ago. But, Sephora still sells every product individually. 

False lashes: I got this pair of falsies at Daiso for $1.50. For those who don't know what a Daiso is (link here)  , it's a Japanese $1.50 store. You can basically find things ranging from garlic crushers to holiday decorations to iphone cases to cute pens. It's a AWESOME store. Just remember, if you do go, every store will carry different items. 

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes: Walgreens' had the best deal for these last week. It was buy one for $3.99 and get one free. Sometimes, I get lazy washing off all my makeup, so this is my fastest solution to get things off.  

Wet'n'wild Petal Pusher Palette: Last week at Walgreens, some selected Wet'n'wild products were on sale for 30% off and some were 25% off. I blogged about this product earlier. I'm in love with this palette. For a $3.70, not too shabby. Here is the link for that blog post. Make sure to check out the clearance sales at your drug stores.
This week (11/16-11/22), Walgreens is having a 25% off for all Wet'n'wild products. This is a great time to try their VERY inexpensive products. Make sure to use coupons to get an even better deal. 

That's all for now!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Drug Store Semi-annual Sales

End of the year is approaching fast. During this time of year, most of the Drug stores have semi-clearance sales. If you always wanted to try make up from different companies, now is the time.
I love to look for good deals to spend my buck.

Here are three pictures I took at Walgreens: 

Some of the nail polishes from L'Oreal are on sale for $ 3.19. I love those colors.

 Selected Rimmel Foundations on SALE

Here is a bigger selection of Relvon's nail polishes for $4.29 and $3.19

At Walgreens, the orange tags indicate the products are on sales (as you can see). Plus, if you have coupons corresponding to the company, it will be even more of a discount. Every Walgreens might have different products on sale. 

There were much more on clearance, but I didn't want to risk getting in trouble for taking pictures. 

By the way Wet-N-Wild is on sale this week at Walgreens. Selected products are 30% off and some for 25% off. I bought a palette for $3. 70.  Originally costed $5.29. 

I'm happy with it so far. 8 eye shadows for less than 50 cents. Not to shabby. I always wanted to try Wet-N-Wild eye shadows because I hear amazing things. Liking it so far. 

That's it for now. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Small Haul #2

Hey Loves! How's your week so far? 

Over the last past week, I bought some things. 

First off, the Pink's Rose Lace Push-Up Bralette in a light blue color is so pretty. I LOVE this bra at the moment! It's one of the most comfortable bras that I own due to the comfort. At first, I didn't want to buy it but one of my favorite youtubers' (GlamLifeGure, Tati) convinced me when I was watching her haul. Original Price 28.95 but I bought it for $20.66 (tax included) with a $10 coupon. 

Maybelline's Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner: This is a staple for me because I find it very easy to use. Although it's not waterproof and not the darkest black liquid eyeliner, it get the job done. I got it for $5.09 with 40% off sale at Rite Aid. Cheaper than Amazon!

I've been eyeing on The Nudes from Maybelline ever since it came out. I got the courage to buy it when it was 40% off at Rite Aid.  I was so happy when I bought it for $6.59. The original price was $10.99. I'll review it soon.

Last but not least, the Cover FX's Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation in the Color N 70. So far, I tried it once. I really like it. Maybe there might be a review in the future. Retail price is $40, but I got it $32 with 20% off Employee discount sale. I know its pricy but I stand by a rule that many makeup artist say, "if you want to splurge on a makeup, it should be foundation." 

That's all for now. Check out my Instagram @itssuzypic


Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Favorites 2014

Oh my goodness! It's already November. 2015 is approaching fast. Ahh.. But you know what, it's going to be a great  new year for everyone when we stay positive and work hard at all times.

I'm super excited because this will be my first Favorites of the month. 

Starting from left to right. 

Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser: This cleanser is by far my favorite at the moment. I love how it is sulfate, phthalates, and parabens free. Sometimes, I like to use products that don't have harsh chemicals.
Although it is made out of soy, it smells like cucumbers. It has this fresh scent (funny, company is called Fresh). The formula is really gentle and smooth on my skin.

My boyfriend took this cleanser away from me because he really likes it too. In the current picture, this is my second tube. I already have a back up laying in my room. 

Vaseline's Lip Therapy: This works wonders for me. After my post-surgery from removing my wisdom teeth, my lips became so dry and chappy. Every lip balm and chap stick that I own did not work, until I found this. Literally after using it for three times, my lips felt moist again. It also works on dry skin, especially the weather is getting colder. I used this on my nose because I had dry patches. It works too.

The packaging is SO CUTE. I love how it's super simple and unique. It's only $1.77!

Beaute de Royal's Snail Mask: During the month of October, I used this mask twice. It's amazing! I LOVE the how the mask is a gel and not tissue paper. When I put it on, I felt like nothing was there and it's a bit transparent so you don't have that "white looking scary mask" look (especially with tissue paper masks). It's very hydrating and whitens my face too.

A Snail Mask sounds weird because it's made from an insect's extract. But what I've heard, snail extract products are becoming more popular in Asia, especially in Thailand and South Korea.

Aveeno's Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo: Last but not least, this is my favorite Dry Shampoo at the moment. I've tried Pantene's Dry Shampoo, but I don't like the alcohol smell. What I love about Aveeno's Dry Shampoo is that it gets the job done. I spray it around the oily parts and it sucks up most of the geese from my hair. Plus it smells SO GOOD, it makes my hair feel clean, and it doesn't have that white powdery texture after you brush your hair. One more thing, I love the fact how it's sulfate free.

Well, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed my first favorites blog.