Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Small Haul #2

Hey Loves! How's your week so far? 

Over the last past week, I bought some things. 

First off, the Pink's Rose Lace Push-Up Bralette in a light blue color is so pretty. I LOVE this bra at the moment! It's one of the most comfortable bras that I own due to the comfort. At first, I didn't want to buy it but one of my favorite youtubers' (GlamLifeGure, Tati) convinced me when I was watching her haul. Original Price 28.95 but I bought it for $20.66 (tax included) with a $10 coupon. 

Maybelline's Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner: This is a staple for me because I find it very easy to use. Although it's not waterproof and not the darkest black liquid eyeliner, it get the job done. I got it for $5.09 with 40% off sale at Rite Aid. Cheaper than Amazon!

I've been eyeing on The Nudes from Maybelline ever since it came out. I got the courage to buy it when it was 40% off at Rite Aid.  I was so happy when I bought it for $6.59. The original price was $10.99. I'll review it soon.

Last but not least, the Cover FX's Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation in the Color N 70. So far, I tried it once. I really like it. Maybe there might be a review in the future. Retail price is $40, but I got it $32 with 20% off Employee discount sale. I know its pricy but I stand by a rule that many makeup artist say, "if you want to splurge on a makeup, it should be foundation." 

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