Monday, October 20, 2014

Europe Trip Pictures Part 2

OMG! It's one of those Mondays where you wake up and feel ew. Today isn't the best day for me because I don't feel physically the best. My 6-day-post-wisdom-teeth-removal-surgery still makes my jaw hurt. I'm able to talk but I've developed a lisp. It's a bit strange but let's see I do in a feel days. My healing process is slow, but progress is improving. 

And let's talk about the weather in NorCal. I am a type of gal who LOVES the sun because of all the beautiful colors that reflex from the nature. But today, the weather was so gloomy and dark. Sigh.. 

Enough complaining and onto the pictures that I've promised. Sadly, this will be the last entry about my Europe Trip pictures. I know! So sad. But I will continue to post other things. 

Well here you go

There was at Park Guell in Barcelona. Like my attempt in modeling. Disclaimer: I'm just a normal girl

I'm trying to be dramatic. Another Picture from Barcelona. 


The inside of St Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy. This is one of the places that you should go before you die. Seriously, it's so beautiful inside. 

Can you tell this is chocolate? It looks so real. This chocolate store is from Venice, Italy.

Of course, the view of Arc De Triomphe. Paris, France. 

Okay, loves. That's all for today. 

Remember, always be yourself.


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