Thursday, December 11, 2014

My "No Makeup Makeup" Look

Hello Loves!

How's it going? My work as been cancelled so many times this week because it's raining SO much in the Bay Area. Currently, there is a massive storm going on. 1/4 of my house is out of power. With all my time in the world, I decided to make another video on YouTube. This time, I spent more time editing, filming, and learning the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 program. It was difficult as first but I'm continuing to excel on my skills. In time, I know I'll be "close" to pro (in my dreams).

In college, I've used imovie from apple, however, I don't have an apple computer anymore. So I'm fortunate to use this program, which my brother gave because the editing functions are endless, yet a bit difficult.

Here's my next video. I spent more time editing and learning through YouTube. Isn't it funny how we live in an age where we can learn about EVERYTHING (well, almost everything) through YOUTUBE? For example, I just learned how to switch on fuses to my house because of YouTube. I could get a YouTube University Bachelor of Arts or Science. I kid. But seriously though.

Here you go!

That's all for now! Enjoy!


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