Sunday, December 14, 2014

Drug Store Deals of the Week 12/14-12/20

It's that time, again, where I scout out the best drug store makeup deals of the week. Also, make sure to check out my last week's Drug of the week (link here) because there are still many AMAZING products at CVS that are 50% and 75% off. Now, let's get onto the DEALS.


There isn't much from CVS this week, but here are three.
  • Buy one get 50% off for ALL NYX COSMETICS!!! I'm actually really excited for this deal. NYX has a very affordable line already. My favorite product is the Soft Matte Lips because when it sets on your lips, it doesn't transfer onto anywhere. 
  • MUA (Make up Academy) is have a 25% off. Plus if you spend $40, you'll get $10 in extra bucks. Well, I do not know too much about this company. But you do know, let me know what I should try. 
  • Physicians Formula is having a 40% off for everything. 
Extra bucks are like coupons, which can be used toward anything at CVS. 

Rite Aid

This week, Rite Aid has the best deals. That's why I'm saving these for last.
  • Covergirl is having a 25% off everything in their cosmetics department. When you spend $10 and up, you'll get $2 back in Up rewards. My favorite waterproof mascara is from Covergirl.
  • 40% off for all Wet-n-Wild Cosmetics. Spend $10 and get an extra $3 of Up Rewards. GREAT DEAL. Everything from Wet-N-Wild is already really inexpensive. If you are a procrastinator and don't have anything to get for your friends for Christmas, you can get them like 3-4 items and spend about $10-$15 for each friend. This will depend what you buy. 
  • Spend $10 on any Artificial Nails and Lashes, you'll receive $3 in Up rewards. 
  • Last by not least, Physicians Formula is having a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!! However, this is for ONLY for their concealers and glamour eye products. But still, it's a pretty good deal that you are looking at. 
Up rewards are like money, They can be used towards anything at Rite Aid. 

That's all for now. Happy Holidays. 
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