Friday, August 1, 2014

Small Beauty Hual

Hello beautiful people!

Today, my little sister and I went to Walgreens to participate in the Maybelline 40% off. Everything except for baby lips and nail were on sale. I paid $15.45 before taxes. In addition, if I spend $15, I get $3 back. Essentially, I paid about $12 for three items.

Items from left to right:
1.) Dream Fresh BB Cream in color Medium/Deep
2.) Baby Skin: Instant Pore Eraser
3.) 2-in-1 Glossy Liquid Liner in Black Lacquer

BTW, sales ends on August 2nd (TOMORROW). This sale is only in the United States. So hurry and take advantage of this sale and use all those coupons if you have them!

Thanks for dropping by. 

<3 Just remember, always be yourself. <3

~ Suz

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