Monday, August 11, 2014

My skin routine

Hello my beautiful people,

How was everyone's weekend? I hope everyone was able to get some vitamin D (sun) in their system.
I just wanted to shared my skin care routine.

These are the products that I use. From left to right 
  1. Peter Thomas Roth, Un-Wrinkle Night
    • This product really un-wrinkles my face, especially with my expression lines
  2. Clinique, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
    • A must, especially if you have oily to normal skin. This does not clog my pores and it is really light on the skin
  3. Fresh, Soy Face Cleanser
    • I can not tell you too much about it yet because I have not used it enough
  4. Peter Thomas Roth, Un-Wrinkle Turbo
    • OMG! This is my favorite! It makes my skin SUPER soft and it tightens my face. 
  5. Peter Thomas Roth, Un-Wrinkle Eye
    • This is a prevention cream for my under eyes wrinkles. Love it. 
You will notice that I use a lot of "un-wrinkle" product. Due to the amount of sun light that I am absorbing, it's a BIG must for me to use these products. I work until the sun about 20 hours week and it does not include having fun in the sun too. I have used these products (except Fresh, Soy Face Cleanser) for 5 months now. I love how much my skin has not changed (except being tanner). 

Here are the steps on applying my skin care routine
  1. Wash face with Soy Face Cleanser
  2. Dry face
  3. Gently using my fourth finger to pat on the Peter Thomas Roth, Un-Wrinkle Eye until my eyes
  4. Then use the Peter Thomas Roth, Un-Wrinkle Night onto my Expression Lines
  5. Pat the Peter Thomas Roth, Un-Wrinkle Turbo (like a massage to the face)
  6. Wait for it to dry
  7. Lastly, put on the Clinique Moisturizer
I know! Lots of steps, but I got to take care of my skin to age slowly. 

Well, take care everyone! 

Just remember, always be yourself


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