Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A long delayed post which neglected my blog

Hello everyone!

I know I know. I have neglected my blogspot for over year. But, I plan to continue blogging and some new things will appear on this blog and my youtube channel.

So what is the update about my life? Well, I have been working at a winery part time for over a year and now I FINALLY got promoted full time. Yay!! After all the hard work, such as cleaning the disgusting dishwasher, interacting with rude customers, and making people buy wine, I was acknowledged by my bosses and managers.  This means I have money to buy more unless things. Just kidding, it's not unless if I have an inattention of purchasing products and objects with purposes.

Let's see, maybe some fitness, new makeup, and fashion blogs on the way? Do not know yet. But I will be more organized on the timing, wording, and structure of context.

I been noticing that I have quite a few Chinese reader. "你们好?谢谢你们来读我的blogspot."

That's all for now. Need to start planning.

Until next time


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