Thursday, January 8, 2015

December 2014 Favorites

Hi Loves,

This is my first post of 2015. I know it's been a while ever since I have posted something. It's because I've been a little occupied, just kidding, maybe I was being lazy. Hehehe. I hope everyone's holiday and new years went well. Hopefully your New Year resolution are in progress (it's been a week). But always remember to set goals for yourself every day, instead of waiting for a whole year to set some goals.

I filmed a video on my YouTube channel for my December 2014 Favorites.

Products mentioned:
Shea Butter : I've been using this product for quite some time now. I purchased this in February 2014 and I am still not done with the product. There is a dramatic difference in my skin when I use it. Definitely my skin feels so much softer and smoother. My white ashy completely goes away. When I purchased this, it was less expensive. With the high volume of demands, I think that is why the price went up. And the packaging is different now. It's now in a contained, which I think is more convenient but you do lose 6 oz.
Besides the packaging and price, I still think it is a good idea to try out this product if you have dry skin in the winter. It's cold here in California, so I need it. The smell is a bit "natural' but I grew to "like" it. In mind that this product is raw, so it comes from the karite nut. 

 Fresh Sugar Advance Lip Therapy: Who doesn't like Fresh? I don't think I ever tried a disappointing product from them. They also seem to impress me. This Sugar Advance Lip Therapy prevents me from biting my lips in public (watch my video on biting my lips). It is a bit of an embarrassing thing that I do. Every time when I have crappy lips, this is the remedy to my dried-up lips. 

Cover FX foundation : This is my favorite liquid foundation at the moment. I must say, it is quite expensive, but if you are looking for a FREAKING GOOD foundation, this is the one to invest in. I love how there are no parabens and sulfate ingredients. There is no funky scent, whatsoever. I would say this foundation is medium to full coverage. A trick that I use is that I double it up to act like a concealer. It's amazing with flawless coverage. 

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder: I've heard many GREAT things about this powder for a long time now. But I didn't get the chance to use it until Rite Aid had a 40% off sale for Maybelline pruoducts. This act wonderfully when you use it to set your liquid foundation. I have a instant matte face. Good product and good price range (only when it's on sale plus coupons) . 

Covergirl Exact Eye Lights: This mascara is literally BOMB.COM. Why? Because I don't get smudges and straight-long lashes by the end of the night. Makes life easier for me. And yes, this is waterproof. I can only use waterproof. However, I don't get volume when I use this, but as long as it doesn't smudges on me, I feel like I found a staple and love in my life. Give it a try. 

That's all for now. I hope you guys enjoyed my post. Continue to visit my blog often. 
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